Can Process Improvement and ALM Really Improve Your Business?

Andrew Cook just tipped me to this webcast coming later this month. It's always refreshing to see a webcast presented by someone outside of Microsoft. It feels less like an echo chamber, and I'm more likely to hear something I haven't already heard. I'm registered.

The term Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is attracting significant attention from tool vendors, research groups, and industry thought leaders. Although proactively managing your application throughout the life cycle seems to be a simple concept, in fact there are seemingly innumerable ways to accomplish the goals of ALM. Coordinated toolsets, the Capability Maturity Model, innovative modeling techniques, and commercially available processes all provide pieces of this frequently misunderstood and often complex puzzle. In this webcast, we discuss the basic tenets of Application Lifecycle Management, describe what kinds of projects benefit most from ALM, explain how the Microsoft Visual Studio Team System supports this initiative, and examine why a repeatable, pragmatic software development process cannot be overlooked when implementing ALM.

Presenter: William F. Nazzaro, Chief Technical Officer, IconATG, Inc.

William F. Nazzaro is the vice president and chief technical officer of IconATG and has over 18 years of success in delivering enterprise software solutions for Fortune 100 companies. He has provided unparalleled services in organizational and project assessments, use-case training, use-case modeling, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) adoption, Unified Process development, Agile Scrum development, service-oriented architecture, application architecture, project mentoring, and technical curriculum development and delivery. William has an accessible and down-to-earth speaking style, and he has provided in-depth talks on service-oriented architecture, Unified Process development, software development life cycle, agility, use-case modeling, and object technology.

Momentum Webcast: Can Process Improvement and Application Lifecycle Management Really Improve Your Business? (Level 100)


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