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Free Webinar on Managing a Multi-Team Project in Visual Studio Team System

I used to get questions about using Team System to manage multiple teams working on the same project. Next month (10/16), NetObjectives is holding a webinar (Webinar: Managing a Multiple Team Project in Visual Studio Team System) on that very topic: Webinar: Managing a Multiple Team Project in Visual Studio Team System Using the Implementing…


Why This Blog Sucks

Reading this list on What Makes a Good Blog, serves to remind me just how much my blog sucks these days. Once upon a time, I think most of the listed attributes applied to this blog. Ah, well. I’m still hoping to get back into the swing of it. 1371

Martin Woodward on Why Software Estimation is Hard

I’m so far behind on reading blogs that I no longer pretend to actively read them. That said, I was on Martin Woodward’s blog today to check out his new site design and came across this post he wrote a couple of months ago on software estimation (Why Software Estimation is Hard). Suduko is the…


Coming Soon: Microsoft Visual Studio Tips by Sara Ford

Last week, I had the privilege of writing the Foreword for Sara Ford’s forthcoming book, Microsoft Visual Studio Tips, which is based on her popular Visual Studio Tip of the Day blog posts. Whether you’re a veteran of multiple versions of Visual Studio, or you are using Visual Studio for the first time, this book…


40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation

If you don’t have your Strunk & White handy, this covers some of it. Purdue University maintains an online writing lab and I spent some time digging through it. Originally the goal was to grab some good tips that would help me out at work and on this site, but there is simply too much…


Mickey Gousset – Visual Studio Magazine Online

My friend and Team System MVP, Mickey Gousset of Notion Solutions, is now co-authoring with Jeff Levinson the “Inside VSTS” column for Visual Studio Magazine Online. Congratulations, Mickey! I would like to introduce everyone to a new author for this column — Mickey Gousset. Mickey is a fellow Team System MVP, co-author of the book…


Over 30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download

Found this post on The Graphic Design Blog over the weekend with links to a lot of great info: Well it took me a lot longer than I had originally expected but I was able to track down the original links to more than thirty PDF documents that I have collected over the past couple…

Are You Smarter than a Sixth Grader?

In the US, middle school starts with Grade 6. How would seeing stuff like this when you were about 12 years old have influenced your decision to pursue software development as an occupation? I think back on the first computer course I took in the early 80s and remember learning BASIC with an Ohio Systems…

Team System Preconference Course at PDC 2008

If you’re new to Team System, or if you’re ready to use Team Foundation Server for more than version control, you should consider attending the Team System preconference course taught by Brian Randell at PDC 2008: Get More Out of Visual Studio Team System 2008. Brian has been in and around Team System since the…