Visual Studio Team System Resource Center just launched a Visual Studio Team System Resource Center.

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Welcome to the Visual Studio Team System Resource Center. "Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System (VSTS) is a collection of tightly-integrated software development tools that change the way software development teams work together. With Visual Studio Team System, organizations can reduce software development complexity, facilitate collaboration among all team members, accelerate development time, improve predictability and reliability of the development process, and customize and extend Visual Studio Team System with their own internal tools, process frameworks, and supplemental partner products." Start your search here for the latest Visual Studio Team System articles, downloads, tutorials, videos, forums, blogs and more.

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  1. Greg says:

    This site would be far more useful if we were not bombarded with constant and unending pop-up ads.

    Site’s like this lose their usefulness with such unrelenting ads.

  2. Steven St. Jean on Frankenstein’s Custom Task: A RoboCopy Custom Task for Team Build. The Visual Studio…

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