New Web Site: Microsoft Tester Center

Today, we launched a new site on MSDN – the Microsoft Tester Center! The Microsoft Tester Center showcases the test discipline as an integral part of the application lifecycle, describes test roles and responsibilities, and promotes the test investments required to deliver high-quality software. Source: Tester Center Home The aim of the Microsoft Tester Center…


Visual Studio Team System Resource Center just launched a Visual Studio Team System Resource Center. You may be familiar with many of their other resource centers, or one of their many programming textbooks. If you don’t already, you should subscribe to their newsletter to keep up on all of the stuff they’re doing. Welcome to the Visual Studio Team System…


Visual Studio Content: Love it or Hate it?

Some of the most laborious writing that happens in creating Visual Studio doesn’t happen in code. I’m talking about the millions (literally) of words that go into the product documentation and other content to support the product. As with most aspects of the product, we thrive on your feedback to help create a better product….