Visual Studio Island Dev to Dev Speaker Series: Brad Abrams

If you're a Second Life resident, you should come visit the Visual Studio Island tomorrow (Thursday, August 29th) for a presentation by Brad Abrams from the .NET Framework team.


Visual Studio Island in Second Life: Developer to Developer Speaker Series

Learn more about creating rich interactive web experiences with Silverlight from Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager, .NET Framework, tomorrow at the Visual Studio Island Theater in Second Life.

Brad has grown up with the .NET Framework from the early days of just getting Fibonacci to work on the first CLR before Console. WriteLine was written. Nowadays, Brad’s work is about ASP.NET, AJAX, and Silverlight. He has some great demos showing Silverlight in action! Don’t miss it!

Event Details:

Guest Speaker: Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager, .NET Framework

When: Thursday, August 30th, 3 – 4 PM PDT

Where: Visual Studio Island Auditorium in Second Life

How to join the event:

If you’re already a member of Second Life, you can teleport directly to the Visual Studio Island via this link;

If you’re new to Second Life, you’ll be guided through the Second Life registration process and will need to set up an Avatar; visit then go to


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