Using Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 VPCs

I know how it is. You find the download page you're seeking and you immediately scan the page to find the cherished Download button. For this reason, I always advise teams not to rely on download page content to ensure customer success with the download.

As a case in point, if you downloaded one of the Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 VPCs, and now you're cursing us because of this message in the error log:

"OrcasBeta2_VSTS" could not be started because a disk-related error occurred.

You may have understandably overlooked the second item of Required Software on the download page:

That's right. The Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 VPCs require the Visual Studio Code Name Orcas Base Image. The Beta 2 VPCs are differencing disks, not self-contained VPCs. The idea behind this is that you'd download one base image for use throughout the entire Visual Studio 2008 prerelease period and we'd be able to make smaller downloads of differencing disks.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I'll be adding this nugget of info to the Visual Studio 2008 Downloads page today.


Comments (7)

  1. SR says:

    After i download VSCTPBase.exe(1.2GB) and tried to extract that file i get below errors:

    Extracting Base01.vhd

    CRC failed in Base01.vhd

    Unexpected end of archive


  2. jchap says:

    Is this the same image as the one required by the Beta 1 VPC?

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  4. peter says:

    After the 1.2Gb download, the copy/overwrite dialog showed the same name, size and date for Base01.vhd as for beta 1. I aborted that install and re-used the Base01.vhd I had from beta 1, seems to work fine.

    Would have been nice to know BEFORE that big download.

  5. krank says:


    Didn’t you have any problems logging on the Team Foundation Server’s VPC? Unfortunatelly neither the supplied password (P2ssw0rd), neither the earlier used Pass@word1 are accepted for me.



  6. Tom says:

    I also cant login,

    I’m a little confused by the whole process …

    To use VS 2008 Beta 2 … download base image (~1gig) (cant login) then install from a mounted iso (~3gig) ?

  7. That was the original idea, but in practice it doesn’t work. After I downloaded both, I merged the virtual disks, defragmented, ran Invirtus VM Optimizer, and then ran the VPC compactor. That got the merged disks from 15GB down to 6.2GB. When I used WinRAR to compress that at Maximum, I got it down to less that 2GB.

    Microsoft needs to not use the differencing disks anymore and just do full installations, and then optimize the VMs and compress them.

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