Tracking Team System

If you haven't realized it by now, my blog isn't tracking Team System as closely as it once did. If you're seeking a Microsoft blog that tracks it across the board, I highly recommend adding Jeff Beehler's blog to your favorite reader. And if you haven't been following his blog already, you've missed out. In fact, go surf the last few months of posts and get caught up. Jeff even visits the namesakes of our Team System code names (Read about Rosario) like I did (Currituck, Bodie, Hatteras, and Ocracoke).

Likewise, a great non-Microsoft blog on Team System is the one Jeff Atwood writes, Vertigo Software's Team System Blog. In fact you may already be familiar with his Coding Horror blog. Jeff is a prolific blogger and Team System MVP. In addition, Mickey Gousset of Notion Solutions (one of the original Team System MVPs) blogs almost daily with links to what people are saying about Team System (Team System News).


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