Team System User Education on Scenario Topics

Take a look at a proposal (Visual Studio Team System User Education : Scenario Topics) from David Chesnut of the Team System User Education Team that looks to replace the current orientation-style topics found in the product documentation with something a bit more useful. As always, your feedback is crucial and greatly appreciated.

To me, scenarios represent something fundamental. Documentation should map technology (e.g. work item lists) into the problem space the user is working in (e.g. to track project progress). These serve the same purpose as an abstract in a lengthy technical document: Telling the reader succinctly the key points of the content section so they can decide if they need to read any further.

Source: Visual Studio Team System User Education : Scenario Topics


Comments (3)

  1. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Kudo’s to this team for advancing the state of the art in technical documentation. Or should I call it programming prose?  ;o)

  2. Anthony Borton on Can’t delete files from Document Library. Noad Coad on String.Equals Performance Comparison….

  3. Rob Caron says:

    Head over to the Team System User Education blog to get a look at a sample of what David Chesnut is calling

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