Steve McConnell Succumbs to Blogging

Noted author and software industry thought leader, Steve McConnell, has finally yielded to the pressure to start a blog, which you can find on the new Construx Conversations site: SteveMcC's Blog.

I've been reluctant to start a blog because the things I would blog about are just not the things that I would normally write about. Sometimes I joke that I have a long attention span. Most people's issue is that they can't focus for a long time; they're easily distracted and can't complete large tasks. That isn't my issue. My issue is not being able to focus for a short time. Sometimes I really need to dive deep and simply can't bring myself to work on the non-deep tasks. If the task is three months long and really meaty, I can do it. If it's 15 minutes long and superficial, I can't even start it. Thus the joke about the a long attention span.

Source: The Existential Pleasures of Blogging - SteveMcC's Blog

On the Construx Conversations site you'll also find blogs from other Construx employees and forums dedicated to software engineering process areas. It's a nascent community, but I suspect it'll grow rapidly. Go check it out!


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  1. Adi says:

    I think Steve Mcconnell nailed the reason for friction between developers and non-technical managers:

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