1 KB Files for Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" Beta 1

For those are downloading Visual Studio code name "Orcas" Beta 1 files from Microsoft Downloads, you may have seen what appears to be a misprint:


I can assure you that the Team Foundation Server with Team Suite VPC is much larger than 9 KB total and that we're not using a compression technology from an advanced alien civilization.

To make a long story short, we sometimes have the need to shortcut our publishing system to publish some of these really large files in a timely manner. To do so, we need to put placeholder files for each file expected in the download. In this case, the placeholders are only 1 KB. Since the file size displayed comes from the files that go through the system, you're seeing 1 KB when in fact these are 700 MB volumes of a self-extracting file.


Comments (5)

  1. Hello Rob, is there a reason why there isn’t one big file available for download as well?

    Rob says: There are a number of reasons. One big one is that Microsoft Downloads doesn’t use a download manager like MSDN Subscriber Downloads since the majority of downloads on Microsoft Downloads are relatively small. The odds of having a download fail increase with the size of the download, so you can imagine that a 5+ GB download will have a fairly high failure rate. You can also imagine the frustration of downloading 4.9 GB and having your ISP reset your IP, or downloading all 5+ GB and learning your download is somehow corrupted. It’d be less painful to replace one of the 700 MB volume files than all 5+ GB of a single file.
  2. I am asking this because in Belgium all the ISP’s limited the monthly traffic as a gesture to their customers everything you download during the night counts for only 50%, I cannot start 8 simultaneous downloads and I cannot stay up all night to download the images.

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