Visual Studio Decennial, Redux

I created a page on the Visual Studio site with the customer & partner quotes: Happy Anniversary, Visual Studio!

March 2007 (March 19th to be exact) is the Visual Studio Decennial since it marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Visual Studio 97, the first release of Visual Studio. Microsoft PressPass has a page o'quotes from numerous Microsoft customers and partners (Comments on the 10-year Anniversary of Microsoft Visual Studio, March 2007), and Prashant Sridharan is celebrating the anniversary in his keynote this morning at VSLive! in San Francisco, where Sam Gazitt is making his on-stage debut.

Source: Rob Caron : Visual Studio Decennial

I even went to the product archive to install a copy of Visual Studio 97 for some screen captures. I got a chuckle out of this one from the MSDN Library install - "We're on the Internet." Good for you. 

MSDN Library for Visual Studio 97

Has the MSDN Library made your life - at least when it comes to your development efforts - simpler and more productive?


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