Updated: Visual Studio Team System Licensing White Paper

We just published v1.0.3 of the Visual Studio Team System Licensing white paper. This release contains 100% more information but with 50% less content to read. Minus the front matter, we've pared this down to 8.5 pages. We covered a lot of what-if scenarios in this release, with a focus on Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server licensing. In addition, this release is now available as a DOC, PDF and XPS - take your pick.

Update [3/31 09:00 PDT]: We need to make a few edits to this paper. Stay tuned...

Update [4/3 17:00 PDT]: Okay, the edits are made and the new downloads (DOC, PDF, and XPS) should be available within the hour. Unfortunately, the length grew a few pages.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Licensing white paper


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  1. Martin Hinshelwood on TFS Admin Tool 1.2 Gotcha. Adam Singer on Can you direct me to Directory Services?…

  2. Bertrand says:

    Hello, the download link indicates that the download is not available.

    Rob says: It’s working now. We had to make some edits to the doc.
  3. JWO says:


    From this version of the document, I get the impression that you no longer need 2 TFS licenses for an ATDT deployment. Is that correct ?



    That is correct, but you’ll still need an additional SQL Server license.
  4. joverbeek says:

    If I read this version of the document correctly, it seems you no longer need 2 TFS server licenses for a 2 tier (AT/DT) install, is that correct ?

  5. Team looking at using Microsoft Foundation Server with Team Suite

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