Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Assessment

The Application Lifecycle (sic) Management Assessment is now live. Before you can improve anything, you have to know what your baseline is; otherwise, how do you measure the improvement, or even identify what to improve? Perhaps people in your organization have different opinions about the current state of your development capabilities. The ALM Assessment can help you establish a shared understanding of your current situation and identify those areas that need attention first.

[T]o improve your development capabilities, you must first understand where you are today, then determine where you want to go; only then can you develop a solution roadmap. The ALM Assessment addresses the first point by providing you with a comprehensive ‘snap-shot’ of your development organization today.

Source: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Assessment

Pet's life cycle (n), or life-cycle (adj), and "In order" are the two most worthless words with which to start a sentence.


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    Rob says: Perhaps it was a replication issue? I’m able to access the site from my PC at home, which isn’t on the Microsoft corporate network or anything special.
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