Sam Gazitt on Planning Tech•Ed

We're all in! I can now proclaim that 100% of my team is blogging. That's right, both of us have blogs. Sam Gazitt launched his blog today, and his first order of business is to blog about his number one job - planning a great Tech•Ed for developers. Be sure to drop by his blog and let him know what you think.

You can expect to hear all about working with fellow track owners to put together a great show for you guys in Orlando this June.  We've got a ton of great sessions for you in the pipeline and I'd like to use this blog to vet a few ideas.  The first order of business, session tiles.  We've released a preliminary list of titles and I want to know what you guys think.  Check out the DEV and WEB tracks and reply with your comments.  I really would love to hear your uncensored opinions and will do everything I can to incorporate your feedback.

Source: Planning TechEd: It's fun being me

Welcome to blogging, Sam! Enjoy.


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