Updated: Team Foundation Installation Guide

There's a new English release (v8.0.70205) of the Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Installation Guide on Microsoft Downloads. In this release, you'll find updates for installing Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and actions you need to take if you previously configured Team Foundation Server for using SSL before installing SP1.

As of today, this is the most current information for installing Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server and Team Explorer.


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  1. Hello Rob

    I have a question about the installation of TFS and the SP1. According to the documentation after installing TFS it is recommended to install SP1 for TFS, the same is recommended after the installation of Team Foundation Build. Now assume for a new rollout that I want to install TFS and the Team Foundation Build can I then apply the SP1 just once after the installation of Team Foundation Build so it will patch both TFS as the TFB? Or will there be issues during the installation of TFB when I install it without patching TFS first?


    Rob says: In this scenario, I would install SP1 after installing Team Foundation Build; however, I prefer to run Team Foundation Build on a separate server to limit the number of things installed on a build machine, and to keep a botched build from crippling my Team Foundation Server.
  2. I understand about deploying the TFB on a seperate server, but this customer has about 25 people that are going to use TFS and about 20 .NET developers.

    I am currently deploying a TFS pilot and they want to compare the ROI with the ROI they will get when they choose open source alternatives like CruiseControl.NET, NUnit, NAnt, Gemini … this company is strongly leaning towards the open source alternatives.

    If I have to tell them now that they will also need a seperate server dedicated for builds they will cancel the whole thing. Nevertheless I will have a talk to the manager and explain him the advantages of having a seperate build server.

    Thanks Rob

  3. Anthony Borton on Outlook 2003 TFS Addin. Rob Caron on Updated: Team Foundation Installation Guide….

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