J.D. Meier on World-Class Testing

J.D. Meier of patterns & practices fame has an interesting post on testing based on a book he recently read, Managing the Design Factory by Donald G. Reinertsen, which J.D. considers to be "...a choose-your-own-adventure book for product developers."

I've highlighted my take-aways from the "World Class Testing" section of Managing the Design Factory by Donald G. Reinertsen.  It's an insightful book whether you're optimizing your product line or designing a new product.  It's packed with empirical punch, counter-intuition, and practical techniques for re-shaping your engineering results.

Source: J.D. Meier's Blog : World Class Testing

And for the first time, I'd like to recommend reading a particular comment on a blog post (re: World Class Testing), which was written by Scott Barber. Good stuff.


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