Consolidated Setup Docs, or Not?

My previous team, Team System User Education, wants your feedback on publishing a consolidated set of docs for setup. Today, you need to read at least three different docs to install Team Foundation Server (readme, known issues, and the installation guide). What if we put all of this information in the installation guide?

Do you like having a separate Readme document published under MSDN Support, or would you prefer to have setup related issues included only in the Installation Guide?

Source: Why aren’t installation issues in the installation guide?


Comments (3)

  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    "What if we put all of this information in the installation guide?"

    That would be fabulous.

  2. Francois Roussel says:

    The fewer documents you need to read to get started with Team System the better, otherwise you’ll only realise that you didn’t read all the available material when you hit a problem and start understanding why it went wrong.

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