Internet Explorer Add-In for Submitting Web Bugs to Team Foundation Server

See this post (Automatically raise bugs from IE) on the Microsoft Developer Tools UK Sales Team blog for information about an Internet Explorer add-in Neil Kidd developed for submitting Web bugs with all the necessary accompanying information. You'll find the link to the download on GotDotNet in the post.

I've written an addin for IE to allow users to easily raise a complete bug report. When the user indicates that there is a problem on the page, the addin will create a new Team System Work Item and populate it with the following information:

  • A screenshot attached to the work item.
  • HTML source of the page and any frames and IFrames attached to the work item.
  • Any style sheets referenced by the page attached to the work item
  • Any script files referenced by the page attached to the work item
  • Details about the user's machine and browser (OS version, browser version, screen size, ...)

Source: Microsoft Developer Tools : UK Sales Team : Automatically raise bugs from IE


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