Sam Guckenheimer’s Work Credo

After a six-month respite from blogging, Sam Guckenheimer has rekindled his blog, and he has resolved to blog more regularly. Those who have read his book, Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, will probably agree that Sam has great blog potential. As someone who urged him to blog in the first place, I'm glad to seem him back.

Last week I went on a Leadership Challenge Workshop. It was a combined review of 360˚ feedback from customers, peers and managers, and exercises based on the work of Kouzes & Posner. The feedback was largely positive, although I learned that I haven’t been communicating enough, something that I’ve heard from blog readers too, and I agree. So I have resolved to resume blogging regularly.

Source: Software Engineering with Visual Studio Team System : Credo

As for his most recent, in which he shares his work credo to guide his colleagues' decisions during a hypothetical sabbatical. Good stuff.


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