The Future of MSDN and TechNet

If you'd like some insight into what MSDN and TechNet, keep an eye on Justin Grant's new blog - MSDN and TechNet futures and previews.

Hi. I’m Justin Grant, and I’m a product manager for MSDN and TechNet.  My new blog will discuss new features we’re planning on MSDN and TechNet, will review some of the research and thinking behind those features, and most importantly I want to get your feedback so we can ship the right stuff! This is my first blog post ever, so be patient with me in case I don’t do the blogging thing right yet. I’ll learn.

Source: MSDN and TechNet futures and previews

My new team is one of several working with Justin's team on improving the MSDN (and TechNet) experience. But as the cliché goes - it's a marathon, not a sprint.

You may have noticed this week that MSDN Wiki now appears in the regular MSDN Library, which means you can soon use your favorite search engine to find community content in the Library.


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