J.D. Meier on Test-Driven Guidance

When J.D. Meier showed me early releases of Guidance Explorer, one of the things I found interesting was his developer mindset to apply test cases to content development. Today, he wrote up a post about it (J.D. Meier's Blog : Test-Driven Guidance).

If you're an author or a reviewer, this technique may help you.  You can create explicit test-cases for the content.  Simply put, these are the "tests for success" for a given piece of content.

Source: J.D. Meier's Blog : Test-Driven Guidance

Just as any good developer internalizes some fundamental tests when creating code, I think many professional writers do the same. However, when you have multiple writers working on a common documentation set, I think it would prove useful to establish tests to ensure that similar documentation from multiple authors satisfy a common set of content tests.


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