Prerequisites for Installing Team Edition for Database Pros

Team Edition for Database Pros - CTP 7 shipped earlier this month, which is the de facto Release Candidate for the final version scheduled to ship at the end of the month (Team Edition for Database Pros to RTM on November 30).

As noted in Cameron Skinner's blog before CTP 7 came out (Final CTP Approaching), this CTP release requires Visual Studio Team Suite.

CTP7 Installation Requirements

In order to ready ourselves for RTM, CTP7 will now require a retail version of Visual Studio Team Suite ( VSTS ) or the trial version of VSTS ( found here ). Why is this? That is how our evaluation process will work once released. If a customer is looking to evaluate VSTS or any role based product in the suite, they are required to download the VSTS trial bits. We are very close to releasing the product, so we are essentially providing you access to CTP7 in evaluation mode. Be warned: the VSTS trial bits are a hefty download!

In addition, see the Instructions section on the download details page (Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals - CTP 7). You should always review the content of this page prior to clicking the download button:

To install this CTP you must uninstall any prior CTP of Team Edition for Database Professionals and you must have Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite installed (retail or trial edition) on your machine.

If you do not already have Team Suite, a link to the trial edition of Team Suite is in the related resources list.

You must also have a SQL Server 2005 instance (Developer, Enterprise, or Evaluation edition) installed. If you do not have Visual Studio 2005 or SQL Server 2005, you can download the trial & evaluation editions.

This download is a self-extracting zip file of the product setup. Unzip the files and run Setup.exe from the top-level directory that you unzip to.

If you try to install it without Team Suite, you will receive notification that setup detected you don't have it installed.


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  1. Tiago Dias says:

    Does this mean it’s required to use a local SQL Server instance (not SQL Express) for Design-time validation (for example)? Can’t a remote instance be used?

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