New Case Study: EDS and Team Foundation Server

There's a new business case study (EDS: Global IT Firm Improves Teamwork, Lowers Risk with Distributed-Server Development)  on the Microsoft Case Studies site.

EDS has nine Centers of Expertise for its Microsoft® .NET Framework developers in various locations, from India to Wales. EDS recognized that a distributed-server model would better serve these Centers and minimize the risks associated with centralized systems.

Source: Microsoft Case Studies: EDS

It describes how EDS and Microsoft worked together to deploy a solution to create a distributed-development environment for EDS using multiple Team Foundation Servers, and a centrally-located Team Foundation Server.

 The relationship between the central server and the three regional servers

The central Team Foundation Server manages and collects project data, and then distributes information to three regional Team Foundation Servers. Depending on their physical locations, developers can now work with the data stored on one of those regional servers.


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  1. There’s a new business case study ( EDS: Global IT Firm Improves Teamwork, Lowers Risk with Distributed-Server

  2. The Visual Studio Team System User Education blog on Ne w help topic on configuring team foundation build…

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