Team System Deep-Dive Training for Microsoft Partners in US

If you're a Microsoft Partner in the United States who knows the Team System basics (Team System Basics Training (200-Level)), you're ready for Team System deep-dive training. Over the next three months, Microsoft Partner Readiness is offering a 3-day, instructor-led training course on Team System (Visual Studio 2005 Team System – “Deep Dive” Advanced Training).

This three-day hands-on instructor-led training course provides attendees with deep dive information on Visual Studio Team System 2005. The course provides a 300 level training will give students a deep understanding of the architecture of Team System and Team Foundation Server, of how Team System's components can be utilized to build better software more efficiently, and how to extend and customize the built-in functionality of VSTS.

Source: Microsoft Partner Readiness


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  1. 看到 Rob Caron 這篇訊息, 有點小驕傲, 因為台灣地區 在上個月 已經搶先 由 我和 Wang-Tung 開辦一場兩天的訓練. 腳步比 Corp. 快些.. haha Link to Rob

  2. Brian Harry on Pretty Cool TFS Add On and Feedback on VS Community Technology Previews CTPs. Rob Caron…

  3. says:

    Hi Rob,

    i visit a TFS tornadocamp from newtelligence in germany. Another participant got above material first from you. Can I get it also ?

    I am very interested in the TFS and would like to train itself after workshop still more deeply.



    P.S.: Cellent are MS Gold Partner in Germany

  4. RobCaron says:

    Rainer – I’ve tried contacting you, but your e-mail bounces for me. Do you have an alternate address? If so, you can contact me at

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