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Although I favored Outlook-based solutions in the past (RSS News Reader Auditions), I decided to use a standalone application when I started dogfooding Office 2007. I downloaded and tried many of the usual suspects over the course of a weekend. I forget how I found it, but I downloaded and tried Newzie, which seemed quite different than most of the other alternatives. I've been using it ever since. 

Newzie is more than a simple news aggregator. It offers different ways of monitoring things; it presents retrieved content in different shapes; it enables you to reach desired content fast. And all these interactions happen thru an exclusive user interface that you haven't tasted yet in any other software application.

From: Newzie, your feature-rich news aggregator

Read this post from the Newzie blog (Reach New Content Fast with the Version 0.99.8!) to get the scoop on the latest Beta release, which is now available.

Photo ©2006 Newzie

Release highlights (from Newzie Download Center):

  • 'Today Panel' to browse new posts with your favorite browser
  • Tabs in multiple rows, rather than one
  • Monitor word occurrances in webpages
  • Strip out images (like ads) embedded inside posts
  • Switch for toggling visibility of post content
  • Redesigned tooltips give more info on fly
  • Better status report
  • Lost of keyboard shortcuts

Cost: $0.00


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  1. Regresando después de algun tiempo de ausencia … =) Con la nueva que ya salió el CTP 6 del Team Edition…

  2. Hot on the heels of my wife doing it *, I’ve decided to give Outlook 2007 a go as my RSS reader. After

  3. Recently I mentioned that I was giving Outlook 2007 a go as my RSS reader . The result? It’s been less

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