Updated Team Foundation Admin & Install Guides

There are new releases of the Team Foundation Administrator's and Team Foundation Installation Guides available for download:

When you first open the Administrator's Guide, you may see some bogus content in the topic display area; however, if you select any topic in the table of contents, that topic will display correctly.

I'll try to update this post on Monday with some release notes on what new stuff you can expect to find in these updates, and possibly a better version of the Administrator's Guide.

Installation Guide Updates

Installation Media location for SQL Server Varies: Need to doc those differences.
• The guide now has a note that specifies that if you’re not using the CD media that you’ll need to change the installation appropriately.

Update install guide with Windows Server 2003 R2 information
• Windows Server 2003 R2 information has been validated and updated.

Team Foundation Server installation user accounts need to be clarified
• New note mentioning that the sample account names are not the required account names.

Update install guide with Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit information
• 64 bit info has been validated and updated.

Managing Security Roles for Team Foundation Server topic is confusing
• Clarified that the setup user must be in the SharePoint Administration Group (not a SharePoint Administrator, as was previously stated). Links to another topic with more information (Initially raised in a blog post by Chris Rathjen - FAQ: Why does Project Creation Wizard (PCW) still say I need to be a Sharepoint Administrator after I become one?).

Remove documentation from Install Guide regarding replication
• The installation guide no longer says you must not install SQL replication.


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