Measuring Performance of Team Foundation Server Web Service Usage

Buck Hodges blogs (How to measure performance using the web service performance dialog) about a little-known capability in Team Foundation Server that can help you troubleshoot performance issues in your Team Foundation Server client applications.

What if you just want a convenient way to see the web service calls your application (or ours) makes?  The performance dialog is a very convenient way to do it.  James Manning and I put it and the underlying infrastructure in place about a year before TFS shipped to make it easy to find and fix performance issues, particularly on the client.

The dialog is included in the Team Foundation client assemblies.  It must be registered as a trace listener in the application's .exe.config file and uses the information available in the client-side tracing to display web service calls.  In the dialog, you'll see how long each call takes, the number of calls made, the average time for a call, and more.

From: How to measure performance using the web service performance dialog


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