Martin Woodward: The Measurement Dilemma

Martin Woodward has a fantastic post that addresses a topic I've been wanting to write about on my blog for a long time: the potential for abusing the transparency that Team Foundation Server's project metrics reporting can bring to a project.

I had a short discussion on this topic with Randy Miller earlier this year at SDWest and I thought it would make great fodder for a blog post. Fortunately, Martin did such a great job with it, I can just point to what he had to say.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server gives a fantastic ability to track and report on various facts about your software development process.  It frees managers (and team members) from the chore of recording and collating data about the development process.  Managers can now get on with managing the project - removing obstacles before they seriously impact the team, reporting on the progress of the project to its owners and organizing deliverables to maximize the productivity of the teams.  With all new powers, there comes some danger and the need for responsibility (just ask King Midas or the scriptwriters of countless Hollywood films). 

From: Martin Woodward: The Measurement Dilemma


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