Updated: Team Foundation Administrator’s Guide

In conjunction with the documentation update mentioned last week (Team System Content Updated (August Doc Update)), we just posted the updated Team Foundation Administrator's Guide for download as a CHM file. This release includes changes made to this help content during August 2006.


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Comments (5)

  1. Aaron Kowall on TFS Workspace Gotcha!

    Eric Jarvi on VSTS Tip: Tech Ed 06 Team System Sessions.

  2. webguynj says:

    Rob, these updates to documentation are great.   I am still hopeful that you will provide a change history page or indicate in some way the delta so that we can focus on the areas of the updated documentation that are in flux.

  3. TFS es el corazón (más bien el cerebro y el disco duro) detrás de Visual Studio

  4. RobCaron says:

    webguynj – I hear you. We’re working to provide a topic in each month’s release that outlines what’s new in that release. It won’t be a complete inventory of changes because some topics receive very minor edits, such as fixing typos. Instead, we’ll focus the change list on the substantive changes that were made, such as new topics, improved content, additional sample code, and other areas of true interest.

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