Team System Content Updated (August Doc Update)

Delivering the first batch of monthly updates in July was not as rewarding as delivering the next batch for August.

You can now view the latest version of the Team Foundation content on MSDN. This content includes (but isn't limited to) new content on customizing process templates, configuring Team Foundation Server to work with HTTPS and SSL, and improved and expanded troubleshooting topics, all of which we know have been highly requested.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, including those readers who helped us improve our documentation with their feedback.  Keep those comments coming!

From: New and updated content is live on MSDN!

The content the Team System documentation team worked on throughout August is now available on The content went live yesterday, but you might not have noticed. I'll update the Team System Documentation page as soon as I can to reflect the latest updates. We should also have a new copy of the Team Foundation Administrator's Guide (TFSAdmin.chm) available for download sometime on Friday.


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