CodeGuru: Catch C/C++ Errors Early with Application Verifier has an article by Nick Wienholt on using Application Verifier to catch C/C++ programming errors earlier in the development life cycle (CodeGuru: Catch C/C++ Errors Early with VSTS Code Verifier).

For a native C++ developer, VSTS Developer Edition provides support throughout the development cycle. From VSTS source annotations that enable you to annotate methods with the valid pre- and post-conditions of method parameters (and have the compiler warn you when the annotations are violated) through static code analysis and unit testing, VSTS provides a huge range of functionality that helps the native developer. This article looks at the VSTS Verifier, an analysis tool that monitors unmanaged code as it executes, and detects errors related to incorrect memory, lock, and handle usage.

From: Catch C/C++ Errors Early with VSTS Code Verifier

Application Verifier assists developers in quickly finding subtle programming errors that can be extremely difficult to identify with normal application testing. Using Application Verifier in Visual Studio makes it easier to create reliable applications by identifying errors caused by heap corruption, incorrect handle and critical section usage.


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