TF30331: Failure to Connect to Team Foundation Server

If you're like me and you use a notebook at work to connect to Team Foundation Server throughout the day, you've probably seen this error message when you get home and you open Visual Studio to work on a project:


Of course, this is because you're not connected to the network that provides access to your Team Foundation Server.

Earlier this year, Hippie Tim (and Noah Coad, Nick Randolph, & Dave Glover) blogged about a Registry value you can add to prevent Team Explorer from automatically reconnecting to Team Foundation Server when you start it (A couple helpful Team Foundation registry settings):

   Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The downside of using this Registry value is that you have to manually reconnect to Team Foundation Server.


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  1. Rob Caron on TF30331: Failure to Connect to Team Foundation Server and Fishing for Answers to Team System…

  2. Patrizio says:

    Hace unos días escribí en mi blog una referencia a un artículo de Matan Holtzer sobre como instalar VSTS

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