Updated MSFWinBuild Now Available

Late last week, the patterns & practices team released an updated MSFWinBuild on GotDotNet (MSFWinBuild: Workspace Home). If you're customizing MSF process guidance, this is the tool you need to compile the process guidance from the XML source to the publishable HTML files. See Randy Miller's blog post (MSFWinBuild and Patterns and Practices) for more information about this particular release.

This MSI includes the MSFWinBuild executable and the source code. We have also included a Readme which lists known issues and also some quick links to related information. The source code included in the MSI includes some bug fixes over the previous version. We are also taking off the source control from this site as this new source is being published. Please review and this and give us your feedback.

From: MSFWinBuild: Workspace Home

For more information on customizing MSF process guidance, see this series of articles: Customizing MSF Process Guidance.


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