Jason Barile on Team Project Granularity

Jason Barile is out visiting customers this week. In his first post from the road, he blogs about team project granularity, which is a frequent topic of discussion on blogs, in the forums, at conferences, and elsewhere. 

Confusion around the proper granularity of Team Projects is not uncommon, especially given the re-use of the word "project" in the name.  So here is some quick guidance and a link to more information that might help you think through your Team Project layout.

From: Team Project granularity

Working on the team that provides documentation and other content for Team System, it was nice to see that Jason also linked to the guidance we provided on the subject:

Check out the MSDN guide, Planning a Team Project for more assistance in making decisions around Team Project usage.  When you've finished that, read through the guides on configuring and customizing Team Projects to further meet your needs.

From: Team Project granularity


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