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I was just reading Korby's blog (CodePlex In the News) and I learned that Channel 9 posted a video discussion with the CodePlex team (CodePlex: Shared Source coupled with Agility == Happy Team) last week. Learn about the CodePlex journey from Jim Newkirk (of NUnit fame), and the rest of the CodePlex team.

Meet the CodePlex team. They are a very innovative group of passionate people who all work in the same office. Yep. One team. One office. It makes for a very agile and tight knit product team and the CodePlex team model is quickly becoming the next big wave here at Microsoft in terms of product team architecture. Of course, besides talking about agility and office design, we get into some of the details of CodePlex, which is a shared source community development site written on top of Team Server and pluggable into your VS environment. Really great stuff.

From: CodePlex: Shared Source coupled with Agility == Happy Team

As you may recall, CodePlex is the collaborative development site that runs on top of Team Foundation Server.


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