Expiring Team Foundation Server Installations

As Brian Harry notes in his blog post below, we're getting close to the point where Team Foundation Server Release Candidate and Trial Editions installed earlier this year will start to expire.

We are rapidly approaching 6 months since TFS released. Yeah, that's right - Isn't it amazing how time flies?  I've started to see a rash of emails from people who are discovering that their TFS trial Edition and Release Candidate installs are expiring.

From: TFS Trial Edition and Release Candidate Expirations

Once you've reached that magic day, and there is no countdown leading up to it, you won't be able to access Team Foundation Server. You'll get an error message that reads, "TF30072: The Team Foundation Server trial period has expired or its license is otherwise invalid. Install a licensed edition of Team Foundation Server to continue."

To avoid unnecessary downtime, be sure to upgrade your Team Foundation Server to fully-licensed software as soon as you're able. If you're using Team Foundation Server Release Candidate, you could upgrade to Team Foundation Server Trial Edition while you await your fully-licensed copy. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Upgrade Types.

For eligible Microsoft Partners awaiting their media that was supposed to arrive in the July Toolkit (July Partner Toolkit and Team Foundation Server Disc), those replacement discs should be shipping out today.

UPDATE: Team Foundation Server RC and Team Foundation Server Trial Edition both have a 180-day enforced time limit (aka "time bombed"). When upgrading Team Foundation Server, don't forget to upgrade SQL Server as well. For help determining how long it's been since you installed Team Foundation Server, you can check the date on changeset 1. For more information, see Martin Woodward's TFS Top Tip #7 - Determine when TFS Trial Edition will expire.


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Comments (6)

  1. Paul Lefebvre says:

    A related question: we’re using the Workgroup edition, but would like to switch to the trial while we await our license so that I can have more than 5 people use it at once.  Is there a way to convert the workgroup edition to a trial edition?

    — Paul

  2. My VSTS Blog says:

    Rob Caron’s provided a timely reminder to everyone that installed the TFS Release Candidate and…

  3. I hate to just be an echo chamber for Rob and Brian’s blogs, but it’s important to get the word out to…

  4. Tim Schmidt (Mr_T) says:

    When entering the product key, beware that IIS will reset. A command window pops up once the key has been entered. Anyone connecting during this time will most likely have issues. Consider doing this task outside business hours.

  5. Niall says:

    I haven’t used TFS at all yet, so maybe this is a dumb question, but when you say "you won’t be able to access Team Foundation Server", does this mean there is no way at all to get your code out of TFS once it has expired? This would basically mean that when TFS expires, if you don’t buy the upgrade, you can’t get your source. So you better hope you have a dev machine with the full latest version of everything, or you have to buy just to keep your own source code. I can see some lines from Ransom coming up here… "Gimme back my code!!"

    So… tell me I’m wrong?

  6. Steven Smith says:

    Today I came into work and my build/source control server, which I thought I remembered installing the

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