Brian Keller – Technical Evangelist for Team System

A recent addition to the Visual Studio Team System family is Brian Keller, who used to be the technical evangelist for XNA. Brian joins Grace Francisco as part of the Team System technical evangelism team.

Brian Keller is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. Brian is based in Redmond, Washington and has a passion for technology, video games, and the outdoors.

From: Brian Keller: Technical Evangelist for Team System

Some recent posts on his blog include: 

Be sure to add his blog to your reading list. I’m behind on updating the list of Team System bloggers on the product teams, but I’ll try to get that fixed early next week.

Welcome aboard, Brian!


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Comments (2)

  1. Hi

    I am trying to find out what Team System is and why I should use it. I got to your page and want to say that I am glad you like video games and the outdoors.


  2. says:

    Hi Brian

    I viewed your Coded UI Utube video and was attempting to automate a portion of my web app and came across a problem with a confirming popup. The recorded actions tell me that "… the controlis not available or not valid..".

    When using WatIn I encountered difficulties dealing with these popups and was hoping Coded UI feature of Ultimate might deal better with these. Are there problems dealing with confirming messagebox control in codedUI?

    Thank you

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