Teamprise 2.0 Preview Program

Martin Woodward has a post that shows off what's in store for Teamprise 2.0 (Martin Woodward: Teamprise 2.0 Preview Program). I must say, I really like the work item power search feature. It seems easier than trying to construct just the right work item query.

I know it only seems like a few moments have past since we released version 1.1 onto the unsuspecting public, but today we opened the doors a little on Version 2.0 as we start our 2.0 Preview Program.  The word “preview” is deliberately chosen – this is to allow you to take a peek at the current state of development on our 2.0 branch, take some of the many new features out for a bit of a drive and kick the tires around.

From: Teamprise 2.0 Preview Program


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