Visual Studio North Carolina

I'm near Durham, NC today preparing to fly back to Redmond, WA later this afternoon. Over the weekend, I was chatting with Randy Miller and I asked him where the Visual Studio North Carolina offices are located. I was surprised to learn that I was only a couple of blocks away. This morning, I ran by there to check things out.

Visual Studio North Carolina

While I was there, I ran into Jim Lamb, Buck Hodges, Mario Rodriguez, and Brian Harry. I also saw Doug Neumann and a few others, but I didn't want to interrupt them as they seemed rather busy. Having spent the previous week visiting the lighthouses that were namesakes for the Team System features this office built, it seemed like a fitting end to the trip. But now it's getting too hot in NC (probably hit 100F by Wednesday), so it's time to head back to the cooler summer climate of the Pacific Northwest.


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  1. CRathjen says:

    If the building looks a little blurry, it’s because it’s been hot enough to melt Rob’s camera lens the last few days…

    Sorry I missed you, Rob!

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