TheServerSide.NET – Team System and Testing Today (Part 3)

The third installment of George Lawton's series of articles, VSTS and testing today, Part 3 - Are your tests test driven?, is now available on TheServerSide.NET

Certainly, unit testing is part of TDD, but some contend TDD is an important extension to XP, Agile methods and unit testing. If we ask Mr. Wikipedia what TDD is, we get the answer: "Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a computer programming technique that involves repeatedly first writing a test case and then implementing only the code necessary to pass the test. The goal of test-driven development is to achieve rapid feedback. The technique began to receive publicity in the early 2000s as an aspect of Extreme Programming, but more recently is creating more general interest in its own right."

From: VSTS and testing today, Part 3 - Are your tests test driven?

The first two installments are referenced here:


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