Deploying Team Foundation Server at Microsoft

Brian Harry posted a link to a new technical case study from Microsoft IT on deploying Team Foundation Server at Microsoft.

Our IT operations team put together a whitepaper here Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server as an Enterprise-Wide Service Technical Case Study that describes how they have rolled out the TFS service offering here at Microsoft.  It describes how one team provides TFS projects to any product group in Microsoft that wants to use it.  It covers the benefits TFS provides to Microsoft, a brief feature set and architectural overview, some organizational insight into how the operations team divides up responsibility and some guidelines we've developed for how we move teams to TFS.

From: Whitepaper on our TFS Dogfood deployment


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  1. says:

    Bravo to Brian Harry and the team that put together the whitepaper  Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server as an Enterprise-Wide Service Technical Case Study.

    If you haven’t read it. You should. It made my heart all warm to read:

    ·         Get universal acceptance. To successfully implement standardization, an organization must get universal acceptance. A mandate from the chief information officer or other executive is strongly recommended, along with formation of an enterprise management office team for migration planning.

  2. Ken says:


    I’m in quite a pickle with my own TFS deployment and so I’ve tried to find the most relevant post to ask for some guidance.

    I’m running the RC version of TFS. As a Certified Partner with an ISV Competency, I’ve been patiently waiting for my monthly MSDN discs to arrive so that I could upgrade to the official release. I received TFS with July’s disc shipment, but then I was told my MS that there is an issue with the disc containing TFS, and the August shipment will correct this.

    Yesterday, TFS began throwing an exception to all clients trying to connect: "HTTP code 403: The Team Foundation Server trial period has expired or its license is otherwise invalid. Install a licensed edition of Team Foundation Server to continue."

    Suffice to say that development operations are severely blocked at my shop.

    I contacted the MS partnership support via phone, and they told me that only Gold Partners have access to a TFS download, and Certified Partners ISVs had to wait for the August discs. They told me to invoke one of my support incidents and cross my fingers. The support folks blew me off, saying that there’s absolutely nothing they can do, and that I should go beg the partnership people. I’m in a passing-the-buck hell, and I’m pulling my hair out because those TFS bits that can unblock my entire shop are sitting on a server somewhere and the bureaucracy is telling me to bite the pillow until they can snail-mail me DVD media.

    Anything you can do to get me on the phone with the right person would be a godsend.

    (206) 297-7618 x103

  3. RobCaron says:

    Have you tried upgrading from the RC to Team Foundation Server Trial Edition while you await your replacement disc?

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