Free Download: MSDN Library

Starting with the May 2006 release, MSDN Library is freely available for download from Microsoft Downloads. Previously, the Library was only available for download to MSDN subscribers. For the latest release, search Microsoft Downloads for "MSDN Library".

Update: As of October 31, 2010, the latest release available for Visual Studio 2008 is: MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

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  1. macbirdie says:

    That’s really great news! Thanks!

  2. John Oswalt says:

    As Rob Caron mentioned, Microsoft has recently decided to begin releasing the MSDN Library as freely…

  3. Sounds like all future releases of MSDN Library are going to be free (instead of released only for MSDN

  4. sandeep_007 says:

    Wohh! that’s much-much great effort by the microsft people did,

  5. You can now download the entire MSDN library, which used only to be available for MSDN subscribers, from…

  6. De acuerdo a este post, a partir de ahora Microsoft va a permitir la descarga gratuida de su librería…

  7. Now this rocks! If you don’t have an MSDN subscription this is some fantastic documentation.


  8. Varad says:

    Wow..Amazing. Its a great news for all MS Developers.

    Thanks for the news 🙂

  9. This is definitely a good news for all MS developers.Check out the news at Rob Caron's BlogDownload

  10. Igor Damiani says:

    It’s a fantastic news only for people that doesn’t have a MSDN Subscription. I’m a MSDN Subscriber, I want to pay my subcription at lower price.

  11. Lance says:

    How about setting up a Torrent for this so we can all share the love?

  12. Just less value for my $3500/yr

  13. Luigi Bruno says:

    Well done!

  14. Great! All the future versions will be free?

  15. Aaman says:

    That’s cooler than cool – thanks very much – will torrents be available?

  16. Thomas says:


    Couple of questions: does it play nicely with Visual Studio 6, and any plans to do a DVD image version?

  17. Arne says:


    what about the German version?


  18. Tim says:

    Maybe a DVD ISO image also?

  19. VIA Amit

    This is great news that offline version of MSDN Library, which

    was previously available…

  20. Blake says:

    According to Rob Caron blog HERE

  21. Avi says:

    DVD please…

  22. Seems a lot of people are scratching their heads at Micrsoft’s move to charge $1.50 per download

  23. boxj says:

    When will Chinese version be available?

  24. Ultrafez says:

    You can get a DVD version by installing MSDN as a network install version, then simply burn the contents of the folder that the network install went into onto a DVD.

  25. roland says:

    this really great news

  26. war59312 says:

    About time! 😉

  27. This is very good news for gaining access to local copies of Microsoft’s documentation.    For the…

  28. CoqBlog says:

    Pas l’Express, la "vraie" !Celle de 3 CDs / 1 DVD que vous trouvez habituellement dans les abonnements…

  29. Translating applications and websites is a time consuming process and even with professional translators…

  30. Xepol says:

    I agree with RBeaubien – this takes value away from the subscriptions we pay so dearly for.  Am I to assume that something else will fill the void, or has MS decided to start giving everything away for free one piece at a time hoping that subscribers don’t notice that one day they are paying for nothing?

  31. Igor says:

    Say you didnt post a direct link. How would I find this download. I tried starting from "" but couldnt find anything.

  32. murthy says:

    I need to download the MSDN

  33. Here is the direct link where I downloaded the 3 huge images, burned the CDs, and installed on XP Pro laptop:


    Hmmm, looks like this input box wraps the URL so you may need to paste in parts to your browser.

    One funny thing though. When I installed this, it says MSDN Library 2005 (NOT 2006!). Not sure what’s going on with that yet!


    Dr. David

    Hack the Stack

  34. BorisD says:


    I have one question

    Are all downloads from

    Free for use, not only for download.

    If i download msdn library may 2006 will i pay for some license for use it or it is fully FREE?

  35. RobCaron says:

    It says MSDN Library 2005 because it’s paired with Visual Studio 2005. MSDN Library is free to download and use. See the EULA for any specific use questions.

  36. John says:

    Really Great. Thanks…

  37. CoqBlog says:

    Pas l’Express, la "vraie" ! Celle de 3 CDs / 1 DVD que vous trouvez habituellement dans les abonnements

  38. anna says:

    where is download link?

  39. RobCaron says:

    Link updated.

  40. gaurav says:


  41. banaz says:

    thank U

  42. Banaz says:

    O kay

  43. says:

    I'd like to download the Oct. 2001 MSDN Library in reference to this artcile:…/ms809762.aspx

    Does Microsoft still have the old images?

  44. Paul Faist says:


  45. The msdns subscribers can edit on the library articel by downloading the msdns library.

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