Sachin Rekhi on Database Unit Testing

I don't know how popular the blogs from the Team Edition for Database Pros team have grown, so I wanted to draw some attention to Sachin Rekhi's recent posts on database unit testing.   

From: Sachin Rekhi's Ramblings

Sachin Rekhi is a Program Manager on Team Edition for Database Professionals and has one of the most information-rich blogs for it. If you have any interest in database development and you haven't added this blog to your reading list, you're really missing out.


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  1. Dylan says:

    IMO, the DB Unit Tests don’t seem so valuable to me yet.  I would love to be able to write tests against my stored procedures at the SQL level.  But the things I want to test are that my GetTop10Products stored procedure actually returns the top 10 products based on the sample data I setup.  I don’t want to test that it returns a non-empty recordset, or that it returns a recordset with a rowcount of 10.  I need to know if the actual data returned is correct (eg. that it returns products 13, 81, 91, 43…29, etc)

    Until we get to the point where tests such as that are easy, I don’t think we will be realizing the true value of database unit tests.

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