Team System Training and Team Foundation Server Add-Ons

Brian Harry blogged about some of the cool stuff coming through the pipeline for Team System, including training material and community-built add-ons.

On the training: 

Over the past several months I've been hearing a lot of people asking about the availability of training for Team Foundation Server. I've heard it from end users who are working on their adoption plans and from training partners who want to add a VSTS offering to their repertoire. I'm pleased to let you know that we've been working on it for months now and the results of that effort are nearing fruition!

From: Cool stuff coming for Visual Studio Team System

I was one of several people who helped review the material contained in both courses, and I can say that it provides a solid understanding of Team System. Both courses should be well received.

On the community-built add-ons:

Code Review (CodePlex) - A cool add-on that includes a code review work item type and a checkin policy that works with it and helps manage the process of code reviews on a development team.

Custom Path Policy (Code Gallery) - A great add-on that enables you to scope checkin policies to portions of your source tree. TFS only supports project wide checkin policies but this add-on enables you to restrict it to certain folders.

Event Subscriber UI (Code Gallery) - This one looks a bit less developed to me and may need further work before broadly useful, but the idea is good. It's a tool to help you create and manage finer grained subscriptions to TFS events than the TFS UI supports.

From: Cool stuff coming for Visual Studio Team System


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  2. pablo says:

    I’m quite interested not only in training but in certification. I think I’ve read somewhere that a certification path was coming by the end of the year.

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