Updated Team Foundation Installation Guide

We just uploaded a new edition of the Team Foundation Installation Guide (v60711). This release includes: 

  • Added a topic (System Requirements and Additional Client Software for Team Explorer) to help you determine the additional software you might want to install to use Team Foundation Server more effectively in your role. The new table includes where you can get the software.
  • System requirements separated into topics that are in their respective installation sections.
  • Added two entries to the troubleshooting topic (Troubleshooting Installation for Team Foundation Server):

    • Unable to install Team Foundation Server due to IIS 5.0 isolation mode
    • Performance is slow during transfer of large amounts of data 

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    Rob Caron has announced there is an updated version (v60711) of the Team Foundation Installation Guide…

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  4. webguynj says:

    This is a great step to see the documentation evolving like this.  As feedback, it would also be nice if there was a clear change history and outline of changes in the document.

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