New Team Foundation Server Partner Benefit

We’re announcing a new partner software benefit for Team Foundation Server at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Boston today. In addition to the software benefits they currently receive (A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio 2005 Team System for Microsoft Partners), members of the Customer Development Solutions (CDS) and/or ISV/Software Solutions competencies will now receive one production use license for Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (the standard edition, not Workgroup) per organization.

  • Certified partners in these competencies can receive up to three production use Team Foundation Server licenses per company per country.
  • Gold partners in these competencies can receive up to ten production use Team Foundation Server licenses per company per country regardless of the number of locations included within a member organization. 

Locations associated with an organization that have an additional partner program toolkit will receive Team Foundation Server media in the July competency toolkit.

Licenses are non-perpetual, and usage rights are limited to term of enrollment in the Microsoft partner program agreement and CDS or ISV/Software Solutions competency.

As noted in my earlier post, Team System for Partners Pricing, Microsoft Gold, Certified, and Empower ISV Partners can purchase additional licenses at 20% off the regular Open License (Business) price.

As always, Microsoft Partner Program Regional Support Centers are available to answer any questions. Partners may call their local center to verify eligibility and benefit entitlements.


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  2. Martin Crimes says:

    Is this a Workgroup edition of TFS that we’d receive or a full edition?

  3. This is a very good news for us.  I assume this is not the workgroup edition, right?  How many servers could I install?  We are the Certified Partner and search for Golden Partner.


  4. RobCaron says:

    This is the standard edition (no enforced user limit), not the Workgroup Edition that accompanies the Team Editions of Visual Studio when you also have an MSDN Premium subscription.

  5. Paul Batum says:

    My organisation was told about this 3 weeks ago, and we started making the switch to Team Foundation immediately, using the workgroup edition with the expectation that we would recieve a key and be able to upgrade to the full edition. Unfortunately it seems impossible to actually obtain the key, and now we are in a situation where we desperately need more than 5 licences.

    So while this is theoretically good news, I recommend caution – if you are planning on taking advantage of this opportunity but being stuck on 5 users will be a problem, use the TRIAL edition. We are now facing the difficult choice between continuing to struggle with a 5 user limit, or going through a migration process to the trial edition.

  6. Garry Trinder says:

    It a copy of Team Foundation server now being provided as part of Empower ISV (in the UK)?

    What about the team editions of msdev?

  7. RobCaron says:

    As noted in my previous post (, Registered Partners in the Microsoft Empower for ISVs program and Certified Partners (who are not members of the Customer Development Solutions (CDS) and/or ISV/Software Solutions competencies) are now receiving Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with MSDN Premium Subscription as part of their new benefits package, which represents an increase in product functionality version over version (when comparing Visual Studio 2005 Professional with Visual Studio .NET 2003 for Enterprise Architects) than was included in the MSDN Universal Subscription.

    In summary, members of those programs don’t receive any edition of Team Foundation Server.

  8. Yie says:

    I received this month (July 2006) partner package with a CD titled as "Microsoft Partner Program" named "Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server" with a Product Key attached  I thought this is what you mentioned here.  However, I inserted the CD and contents shows this is the Windows PE.  Did I miss something?

  9. Andy Leitzinger says:

    I inserted the CD and contents shows this is the Windows PE.

    I have the same question. What is this?

    Where is the supporting documentation?

    What are the system requirements?

    Thanks, Andy

  10. Bob says:

    Same here. Inserted the TFS disc that I just received and it appears to contain Windows PE. Would it be possible to install the trial edition from our MSDN subscription and use the product key that came with this most recent TFS disc?

  11. Vincent Dumas says:

    Can someone clarify.

    With this "one production use license for Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server":

    1- How many users/device/CALs (client access licenses) are included.

    2  How many Team Foundation Server (per computer licenses) are included.

    3- What is the word "production" mean?

  12. RobCaron says:

    1-Two per license of Team Foundation Server, which are intended for administrative use. The remaining CALs are included with Team Editions of Visual Studio, or purchased separately.

    2-One per one production use license.

    3-As in, not limited use like a Trial Edition.

  13. Sally Stevenson says:

    I have just received this month’s (July 2006) Gold Partner (with ISV competency) package with 4CDs titled "Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server" and 2 product keys attached. Unfortunately, none of the CDs were in our company’s corporate language of English – 1 in Korean, 1 in Simplified Chinese, and 2 in Traditional Chinese.  

    Question: To salvage the situation can I use the 2 product keys on the English trial version of TFS (which I can download from my msdn subscription)?

  14. Rob Caron says:

    Several people have commented on my blog post (New Team Foundation Server Partner Benefit) and sent me…

  15. Corbett says:

    Did anyone figure out if it is possible to use the key on the back of the incorrect TFS/WinPE CDs to unlock the TFS Trial Edition?

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