A Question for Next Team Ed for Db Pros CTP

Thomas Murphy, Group Program Manager on Team Edition for Database Pros, needs your input on the next CTP release. If you’re one of the many people exploring this new product, visit his blog and let him know what you think.

We are looking at what we will put into CTP5 and as we consider this a question arrises. This release may depend on having an instance of SQL Developer Edition installed on the local machine(currently we require SQL Express).

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  1. Tony Loton says:

    How about a Whitehorse-like designer for data modelling, e.g. ER diagramming, rather than use Visio or other tool? I realise that’s probably much further down the line than the next CTP.

  2. ValterBorges says:

    Take a look at tools like sybase powerdesigner, lumnigent, red gate, quest spotlight

    and bring in the design, data/schema synchronization, auditing, monitoring functionality for the DBA.

    Also like to see some focus on design and ORM -Generation of Web Services, Generation of Typed Data Sets, Ajax Method Generation/Integration.

  3. Seriously if Microsoft would consider support for Oracle believe me this product will have a lot more success. Team Edition will be mainly used in big corporates and lets face it in a lot of corporates they still use Oracle I don’t know about the rest in the world but in Belgium which is a small country the top-5 companies all use the Oracle DBMS

  4. thomas murphy says:

    We certainly have a desire to have better modelign oriented tools in the product and that is something we will look at in future releases.  Our V1 position is to get the life-cycle piece working and develop the fundamental baseline of disconnected, sandbox development with support for testing and versioning.  We are also encouraging partners in the modeling space to look at ways to integrate with our current toolset.  

    Support for third party databases is also a high on the list item as we move forward but not as something we will directly build but something we will support by creating extensibility points for Oracle and others to plug into our environment just as you see IBM and Oracle doing in VS today.  We will build the best tools for SQL Server and let the Oracle and DB2 (etc) experts build the best tools for those databases.

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