Creating a Documentation System Model

David Chesnut, a writer on the Team System User Education team who works on the docs for Team Foundation Server, wrote a post for the Team System User Education blog that applies principles from the Theory of Constraints to identify and understand the bottlenecks in our current documentation workflow.

Over the last few months I’ve been investigating how our team can improve our understanding of our documentation process, and how we might be able to make improvements using principles from Theory of Constraints. I’ve also been reading David Anderson’s book, “Agile Management for Software Engineering.” His book has great diagrams that model a system for understanding its throughput. The diagrams are simple and show each activity in a system, its capacity, as well as loops where rework can occur.

From: Agile in User Education - Creating a Documentation System Model

You may recall some of David’s earlier posts on my blog about using Scrum to manage our documentation projects (Scrum for Docs), which we continue to do.


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