TheServerSide.NET Reviews Guckenheimer’s Software Engineering with Team System

TheServerSide.NET published a flattering book review by Jack Vaughan of Sam Guckenheimer’s Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. You may recall that Vaughan recently interviewed Guckenheimer (TheServerSide.NET Interviews Sam Guckenheimer).

Sam Guckenheimer's "Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System" [with Juan J. Perez] turns out to be an amazing addition to the software engineering library. Its focus on acquainting people with Visual Studio Team System, and its size [255 pages] would not naturally tag it as extraordinary. But Guckenheimer's grasp of software engineering is firm, and with this book he has managed to be brief without being flip.

From: Sam Guckenheimer on software engineering and VSTS


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  1. Erwyn van der Meer says:

    I attended an MSF 4 for Agile Development masterclass given by Microsoft Consulting Services earlier this week. The trainer highly recommended Sam Guckenheimer’s book as well, so I ordered it yesterday.

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