Team Foundation Server SP1 Beta Coming Soon

In Brian Harry’s recent Tech Ed 2006 and Stuff in the pipe for Team Foundation Server posts, he talked about a forthcoming Team Foundation Server service pack. This service pack will include a number of fixes and improvements, including basic authentication support for accessing Team Foundation Server over the Internet (as promised in Accessing Team Foundation Server Remotely). This service pack will also include updates for using Team Foundation Server with Vista and Office 2007. We hope to release a beta of this service pack sometime in the near future.

Update: This post cited by InfoWorld - Microsoft Readies Team Foundation Server Service Pack


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  1. Chris Monachan says:

    Slightly off topic, but what happened to the VS2003 service pack? I thought it was meant to be out at the start of the month, but I’ve not heard anything about it since.

  2. Harris says:


    I might not be asking the right person, but any word on weather or not a fix will be made available for MS Project that prevents the Assigned To field from being treated like a list when the user’s name is formatted "LName, FName"?    Again, this may be a "bug" in Project, so I understand if a TFS SP won’t address this issue.



  3. El Bruno says:

    Hay good news !!!

    Do you have any preview about the new custom controls created for the creation of Work Items ???

    Thanks 😀

  4. John says:

    InfoWorld indicates that TFS SP1’s feature set may be modified in response to user feedback. Here are a couple of random ones one off the top of my head, in no particular order.

    It would be really great to have the ability to create (multiple) team projects within other team projects.

    And obviously, it will be great to have integration with Sharepoint Server 2007 as soon as possible.

  5. Peter Mounce says:

    Where is the best place to post a list of issues that I’ve noticed while using TFS, from the point of view of someone who’s been using and loving Subversion (and its various web/explorer/integration’d interfaces) for the past three years?

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